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Business and Operational Analysis

Active Comunity Engagement will analyse your business from goods in to waste out, identifying opportunities to reduce operational costs, increase participation, raise income levels and maximise profits, whilst improving visitor experience. Our team have a broad range of experience in leisure centre management, fitness club development, business development, business analysis and profit enhancement. Active Comunity Engagement offer private sector know-how to the public sector, enabling improved profitability whilst increasing participation, exceeding customer expectations, ensuring your sports development goals are met.

By reviewing your sports, leisure and fitness participation levels against market potential membership and participation, we can immediately inform you of any business or investment opportunities.

By reviewing operational costs, systems and procedures we will identify opportunities to reduce expenditure, centralise costs and improve profitability.

No Excuses! We know you are busy and there may be no immediate need to improve profitability or review opportunities for investment. However, one call to Active Comunity Engagement will save you time, energy, will reduce your costs and increase your profits.

Population Research and Analysis

leisure business operational analysis and reviews

Using local area population statistics to project sports participation and understand community needs, etc.

We will either manage activity onsite with our qualified staff, or we will provide all of the booking, invoicing and payment reconciliation services, supporting schools or facility management companies that wish to manage their own activity and require centralised support services to maintain cost-effectiveness.

Sports, Leisure & Fitness Feasibility Studies

cost effective sports centre manamgement

We undertake feasibility studies for the development of sports, leisure, fitness, catering, hospitality and tourism facilities. By analysing the population make-up in any given catchment, researching the market provision of facilities, projecting visitor numbers and income for competitive centres, etc, we can demonstrate to your investors that your business plan or project is feasible, viable and commercially sound.

This proven and successful scientific approach based on market and population research can be applied to any market sector and we have supported a wide range of public and private sector projects, including:

  • Over 450 new build schools with sports facilities
  • Projected usage and income for over 250 leisure and fitness centres
  • Analysed over 200 businesses, reducing expenditure and increasing profits
  • Developed and managed over 30,000 hours of community activity on school sites per year
  • Supported and worked alongside a wide range of public, private and voluntary sector clients, including 10 of the UK’s top constructors, The Arts Council of England, Sport England, Sport Scotland, Local Authorities, The Millennium Commission, Visitor Attractions, The Hotel Industry and many more.
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